IV. Marcos Florentino + Kelvin Yule


"Marcos Florentino and Kelvin Yule are a creative duo From Brazil named MAR+VIN.

 Marcos was born in the state of Piauí, in a small village in the northeast part of Brazil. He started experimenting with drawing at a very young age and tried other medias as he grew up. Living his childhood in such a remote place, he found in the fine arts and in the books a way of dreaming with different and fantastic realities, helping him to accurate his vision, while watching his mother sew his sisters’ dresses for traditional Brazilian celebrations and graduations, which may have been his first contact with fashion. At 18, he moved to São Paulo and got a degree in graphic design through a scholarship. There he began to use photography as a form of expression and also expanded his art through experimenting with sculpture, ceramics, textiles, drawing and oil painting, all of which he incorporated into their work as a duo.

 Kelvin is from the coast of Bahia, also in the northeast region of Brazil. He developed an inquisitive personality, mainly during his childhood as a queer kid growing up in a small town with a religious familly. At the age of 17, he went to university to study Social Communication and Journalism, where he directed his first short film and did some exhibitions exploring photojournalism, which led him to develop his interest in storytelling, bringing it to his photography as a way to reimagine things. Fashion appeared to Kelvin as a world of possibilities where he could express himself in multiple ways, telling untold stories through his own eyes. After meeting Marcos in 2016, he moved to São Paulo to develop his work in fashion, at which point they decided to unite their visions and creating the duo.

 Over the past seven years, MAR+VIN has contributed to a revolution in the way images are made in Brazil, adding artistic refinement to their photography to create stories that go beyond, while also playing an important role in the inclusion within the industry. Marcos and Kelvin often say that they are always looking for the "fantastic element" in the ordinary, creating powerful images with deep meaning and valuing their Brazilian roots. Together, they push their work into a political manifesto of beauty"